Shiru Cafe provides spaces for students and the outside world to find real and meaningful connections.

Students deserve a more inclusive, transparent, and holistic hiring process.

Shiru Cafe was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 2013 in the hopes of connecting students with potential careers paths in a more genuine and helpful way. Today, thousands of people use Shiru Cafe daily. Over 150 sponsors ranging from municipalities to tech firms and everything in between meet and engage with students from all walks of life, and thousands of students have been introduced to a variety of career paths, opportunities, and support for student projects. 



Develop Connections 

Shiru Cafe provides space for students and potential employers to meet up and grab a coffee.

Support Student Life 

 Shiru Cafe provides space for student groups to organize and participates in student-run events like conferences and hackathons.


Serve Coffee

 Shiru Cafe provides comfortable study spaces, high quality yet affordable coffee and espresso, and locally-made pastries. 

Our clients and partners use Shiru Cafe to engage with students in more meaningful ways.

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