Shiru Café provides an experiential
and innovative method of corporate recruiting. 
Recruiting is broken. Too often, students are left in the dark about how the process works, what they should be doing, and even what resources are available to them.
Meanwhile, many recruiters are struggling to stand out amongst the crowd, sifting through irrelevant resumes, and trying- and sometimes failing- to get to know potential hires.
At Shiru Café, students and employers can cut through the noise and drive deeper connections in a comforting, modern environment. ☕
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 How do we do it?

In Shiru Cafe, students and potential employers network in a more comfortable environment.


Shiru provides space for student groups to organize, and shares information about various career paths.


Shiru Cafe provides comfortable study spaces, high quality yet affordable coffee and espresso, and locally-made pastries. 


What would Shiru mean to you? Let's find out.

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Our clients and partners use Shiru Cafe to engage with students in more meaningful ways.

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