Chapter 2- Recruiting: The Gen Z Perspective

Posted by Isabel Strobing on Apr 19, 2019 8:50:00 AM
Isabel Strobing
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 Working with thousands of students every day, we at Shiru Cafe have heard a lot from students about what they're dealing with, what they care about, and what they need from the recruiting process. But many recruiters don't have these connections and are seeking better ways to engage student talent.

So we decided to quantify the everyday conversations we had with students and use it as independent research as part of an e-book outlining the Gen Z perspective on hiring.

By surveying over 100 students from universities coast to coast, we hope to provide a clearer understanding of what the emerging workforce cares about, needs, and wants you to know.

For the next 2 weeks, I'll be releasing a chapter at a time leading up to the full release on April 29th. If you like what you see, share it with friends- the more we understand each other, the better outcomes we'll see.

Here's a glimpse of what you can find in Chapter 2:

Most companies are not open about their company culture or at least are not marketing it effectively. When asked for specific firms that students would ideally work with, many students couldn’t even name 3! Only 15 specific firms were mentioned more than once. The company that was most mentioned was Google, mentioned 19 times. This is not at all surprising given the clarity with which Google presents not just their consumer brand- their products and mission- but their career brand as a place where people enjoy working, have clear paths for growth, and have the opportunity work on complex projects. Companies should also be transparent about the variety of roles that are available.

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