Shiru Cafe Weekly Briefing

Posted by David Schilling on Jul 14, 2019 8:49:43 AM
David Schilling

Today's Focus: robotic nurse assistants, gig economy, female forces, uberization of work, co-working pioneers, reskilling and upskilling, work futures, minimum wage.


1) Meet Moxi, a robotic nurse assistant with heart eyes had 132 shares ( ...Companies are bringing robots to markets so they can work side by side with people. This is changing the future of work. 
2) What is the gig economy? Why the future of work is online had 80 shares ( There’s a very strong chance the work you’re doing right now will be unrecognizably transformed in the next 10-20 years, especially if you work in an office. If you haven’t been replaced by AI or automation, chances are you’ll be working online in a freelance capacity. 
3) Female forces are the economic future had 63 shares ( Women have a leg up in the age of automation — the jobs that they do, often in the caring professions, will be not be automated away.
4) The Uberization Of Work: Pros And Cons Of The Gig Economy had 53 shares ( ...On the one hand it’s the future of work, on the other it’s absolutely Darwinian survival of the fittest. 
5) Coworking pioneers in the Coworking Library had 36 shares ( ....  Coworking pioneers over the past couple of years have continued researching the future of work.
6) New Frontiers in Re-skilling and Upskilling had 27 shares ( Companies will better be able to take the initiative in solving customer problems if they focus on reskilling and upskilling their workforce.
7) Work Futures Daily | Better Cogs - Work Futures - Medium had 10 shares ( The Navy’s USS Gabrielle Giffords and the Future of Work Jerry...
8) Game of (rods and) cones: Will computer vision rule the enterprise? | ZDNet had 7 shares ( ...Download Forrester's guide to gain a pragmatic view of the future of work. Brace yourself: Computer vision is coming.
9) The Collision Course: A Conversation about Stakeholders with Tom Kochan had 6 shares ( close the divisions in society and produce a more broadly shared prosperity. Shaping the Future of Work: A Handbook for Action and a New Social Contract (MITxPress, 2017).
10) Mahfuz: Fresh TVET holders now earning more than basic minimum wage had 6 shares ( ...institutions and centres, as well as new industries related to the “future of work”, and would also act as a one-stop centre to govern and administrate TVET...

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