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Posted by David Schilling on Jun 19, 2019 1:03:32 PM
David Schilling

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(1) Global Talent Trends 2019 (2) Shiru Cafe GenZ E-book (3) The Age of Candidate Driven Recruiting, (4) New Recruiting Trends for 2019, (5) Recruiting Trends for Large Companies, (6) HR Trends Related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), (7) Global Human Capital Trends.

  1. In LinkedIn's 2019 74 page report "Global Talent Trends: The 4 trends transforming your workplace" the company surveyed over 5,000 talent professionals across the globe. The four key trends in the workplace today include a focus on: soft skills (94%), work flexibility (72%), anti-harassment (71%), and pay transparency (53%).

  2. Shiru Cafe has written an E-book "Recruiting: The GenZ Perspective" that explains how GenZ is bringing their own experience and expectations to the workforce. GenZ is set to surpass Millennials in 2019 as the largest generation/cohort in the workforce.

  3. We are now in an candidate driven market where talent picks the employer and not the other way around. The candidate driven market now exists on all hiring levels. This means companies need to adapt or doomed to failure.

  4. According to Kristina Martic of TalentLyft "15 New Recruiting Trends You Should Implement in 2019," include 1) Recruiting Marketing, 2) Inbound Recruiting, 3) Employer Branding, 4) Candidate Experience, 5) Talent Pools, 6) Candidate Relationship Management, 7) Social Recruiting, 8) Recruitment Automation Tools, 9) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 10) Data-driven recruiting and HR Analysis, 11) Employee Referrals, 12) Talent Sourcing, 13) Collaborative Hiring, 14) Structured Interviews and 15) Strategic Alignment. (Shiru Cafe will cover all of these topics in future blogposts.)

  5. According to report on Recruiting Trends for Large Companies the recruiting landscape now includes: 1) AI focused on the front end of the recruiting process, 2) Video becoming more important in recruiting for such things as candidate interviews and assessments, on boarding new staff and recruiting marketing, 3) Recruitment technology is becoming more focused on integration to make the recruiting process as efficient as possible, 4) Hiring for potential and 5) better analytics of recruiting data that should produce better outcomes.

  6. Artificial intelligence is beginning to impact HR in significant ways. According to an article in Forbes "Ten HR Trends in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" 1) AI combined with human intelligence will enhance the candidate experience, 2) skills that are unique to humans will grow in importance, 3) AI will help workers do a better job rather than taking their jobs, 4) Artificial intelligence will lead to new types of jobs that would not be possible without it, 5) Creating an AI supported workplace will be essential to a companies or organizations future, 6) skills-based hiring will become more widespread, 7) Millennial and GenZ workers are willing to earn less if they find meaning at work. 8) access to healthier work environments and career development  must be provided if an employer wishes to be successful at attracting and retaining top talent. 9) Virtual Reality (VR) is starting to transform recruiting and corporate training. 10) The future of HR is as a team endeavor.

  7. According to Deloitte Insights report on "2019 Global Human Capital Trends" the world is becoming so complicated with huge  economic, social and political changes occurring daily that companies must become a "social enterprise" and reinvent themselves with a more personal and human focus.

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