Strategic Recruiting & Marketing: the Right Message at the Right Time

Posted by David Schilling on Jul 1, 2019 3:21:44 PM
David Schilling


In a white paper ""Candidate Messaging by Journey Stage" (2017) concerning the college recruitment process, the stages in a college candidate’s life cycle include:

  1. Awareness: “Who is this company anyway?” This stage requires advertising your company and opportunities to potential hires
  2. Consideration: “How can I learn more about this organization?” This stage is when candidates start researching to learn more about an organization, its culture, and potential fit
  3. Interest: “What actions can I take to show that I am interested? This stage is when candidates are attending events to actively engage and/or are networking with current employees.
  4. Application: “When and where to I apply?” This is the when the formal engagement process begins.
  5. Selection: “Am I right for you? Are you right for me?” The stage is a two-way street to determine if the candidate and employer are a match
  6. Hire: “I made the right decision, right?” This stage is about reassuring the candidate that they made the right decision.

Accoding to Liz Ronnow Wallis in her paper on Campus Recruiting creating content that targets potential candidates consistently, creates engagement with the company via persuasion. This content is likely to inspire longer lasting attitudinal changes and opinions about a portential employer. Companies should plan content for each of the above stages so that strategic engagement will help drive each message to the audience at the right time.

Shiru Cafe helps companies and students in all of the above areas! Shiru Cafe provides an experiential and innovative method of corporate recruiting that deepens company/student relationships, allow each party to make more informed decisions about who they want to work with.

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