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Posted by Isabel Strobing on Feb 12, 2019 9:25:00 AM
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"to create a place where students can learn about the professional world and envision their future careers."

This is Shiru Cafe's mission and the first words that you will see on our website. You may ask, "What does this actually mean?". We hope to make this clearer to you today.

"We were able to meet with students that we would otherwise not have through Shiru Cafe"

This is something we hear from many of our clients. Many students start engaging in the job hunting process with certain ideas of their interests and industries/ positions that would suit them. But wait, where do they get these ideas from? Websites, pamphlets, career fairs, friends, family, advertisements, social media, rumors... Yes, even rumors. The sources of information are abundant, and yet, it is questionable whether students are well informed to make important decisions about their future.

Let's take an example of a conventional career fair. Booths of countless companies, time schedule of information sessions, employers giving out pamphlets, students in their business attire, all desperate to be recognized. It requires a student to be dedicated to navigate through this chaos. They must do their research and plan the day out: what companies are participating, what companies they want to visit, in what order, etc. Since the day is already planned out, they do not have time to explore careers that they have not yet considered. At the booths of the companies, students get little personal attention. At the end of the day, what they get is a pamphlet of the company, a couple minutes personally talking to one of the employers if lucky, and perhaps some freebies.

Students are either lost in the abundance of information, or form ideas based on a selection of general information, limiting their career choices. This lack of understanding of the professional world results in a mismatch of students and employers, causing a stressful and anxious job hunting experience for students, and a difficult talent acquisition process for the employer.

What if there were more opportunities for students to engage with people in the professional world more casually, and naturally learn about careers and what is means to work? Shiru Cafe was founded on this idea.

The casual cafe setting encourage students that are not even thinking about careers to come. Small meetups gives a chance for students and employers to actually have conversations and get to know each other. Before, job hunting was a stressful process that students do not want to engage in unless it is necessary and they are prepared to be dedicate fully to it. Shiru Cafe's relaxed atmosphere transforms this into something that students can start engaging in anytime, more freely, without thinking too hard.

That's why our clients are able to meet students that they wouldn't have otherwise. Students are given opportunities to learn much more about the careers they think they may be interested in, or find out about those they have never even considered. Employers are able to communicate in their own words what their jobs are about, and students are able to envision better their future careers.

"to create a place where students can learn about the professional world and envision their future careers."

We hope this makes a bit more sense.



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