Upserve: First Event @ Shiru Providence

Posted by Yuko Miyawaki on Apr 8, 2019 1:36:00 PM

Image from iOS (1)On April 3rd, Shiru Cafe Providence hosted our first recruiting event with Upserve, a restaurant management software company based in Providence. They set up a table by the entrance and engaged with students throughout the day.

What's great about an event like this is its casual nature. Of course, we advertised the event beforehand, but many students just "happened" to come in for a coffee and realize that something is going on. Because the cafe space is not massive, there is no way students can miss it.


This way, Upserve was able to engage with students who were not thinking about recruiting at that moment, or even freshman students who've never even considered it. A good number of students who were aware of the event came prepared with resumes, and they seem to have had meaningful interactions for future employment.

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Especially for a smaller sized company, it may be difficult to have a presence in a career fair. Students tend to go only to names that they have heard about, and pass by the rest. Rarely would a student see and remember a new company name, and even more rarely would they actually go up to the table and engage with the employers.

At Shiru Cafe, visibility is guaranteed. Students just can't miss seeing it, and the casual setting invites students to go up and ask "So, what's this?". Even those who did not go up to the table directly are bound to have left at least with the name "Upserve" in their mind.

We hope this event was able to demonstrate to Upserve and the students how Shiru Cafe's nature can aid the recruitment process. We are already starting to talk about future events.

Interested in working with us too? Get in touch with us here.

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