What is Our Logo?

Posted by Amy Huang on Feb 21, 2019 10:35:01 AM

Our logo - the cornerstone of our public image and brand - reflects our roots as a Japanese-made company dedicated to supporting student life on college campuses.

At its center is a graphic representing a twisted plum blossom, called “Hineri-Ume-Bachi” in Japanese. It is in the same genus, or family of species, as the renowned cherry blossom, and has its own cultural significance in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cooking and medicinal traditions.

In Japanese history, the plum blossom also holds status as the family crest of Michizane Sugawara. Also known as Tenjin, this minister and scholar lived during the 800s and studied Chinese classics, wrote poetry, and served in the royal court. He is commemorated as a patron of scholarship and literature.

Around the border of our logo, we have our name and “free coffee," as well as the words “3rd Campus." The United States is the third country Shiru has visited - Japan and India were the first two markets we entered, and now thrive in! We hope that there will be a 4th campus and beyond as we continue to expand and serve student interests around the world. "3rd campus" also refers to the way we want students to think about Shiru Cafe as a physical place; first campus is home, second campus is school, and third campus is Shiru Cafe.

Our logo’s symbolism of scholarship as a whole represents our commitment to enhancing collegiate life, rather than bringing the corporate rat race to university. At Shiru, we believe in centering our efforts to connect students and organizations around the holistic experience of individuals - we don’t view students as resources to be picked out and consumed, and we don’t view organizations as nameless entities. On both ends are bright, motivated, and idealistic people who want to find a potentially long-term match for the growth of both parties.

As we look for the right fit in terms of recruiting initiatives and organization partnerships, we hope that you’ll be interested in following our growth and change. Parts of our branding may change, including the logo, when we discover better ways to show off what we do, but our mission and values will hold steady. Students deserve a better career-building process, and we will always work towards that purpose.




Shiru means "to know" in Japanese. We want you to know what we're up to. 

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