What is Shiru Cafe?

Shiru Cafe is a company, founded in Japan in 2013, that aims to provide an experimental and innovative method of corporate recruiting. We hope that by providing a place for students and employers to meet face-to-face and create deeper connections, more students will have a positive recruiting experience and become able to envision their future in a more meaningful way. 


Who is Shiru Cafe for? Am I allowed in?

Shiru Cafe is open to everyone. Shiru is aimed at entry level recruitment, so students have the opportunity to use our app to learn about internships, entry level opportunities, or companies in general. We are not limited to a single school, so students from all universities are welcome to use our app. Furthermore, anyone in the community who wants to meet with friends over a delicious coffee are free to do so.


What does Shiru mean?

Shiru means "to know" in Japanese. Our aim is to become a place for students to learn more about the professional world, expand their options, and to get better informed in choosing their future careers. 


How is my data being used?

The information you provide help us give you the most relevant information about events and opportunities available through Shiru. For example, if you indicated that you are interested in non-profits, we will put extra effort to notify you on non-profit related events and opportunities. We never give the data you provide to anyone else, and you can choose to include as much or little about yourself in the questions we ask. You always have the option to add or delete anything that you previously entered too. 

Why is the coffee free?

We believe that students pay for enough, and that they deserve a free cup of coffee. Our partner companies pay a subscription fee that allows us to serve free coffee. 


Why do I need to use the app?

The app is where you find out about what is going on at Shiru! Make sure you don't miss out any of the notifications sent through the app. It also helps us provide you with a more personalized experience of Shiru services. The app is also how our partner companies are able to schedule events and meet-ups.


What does Shiru provide other than coffee?

To students, we provide information about careers and opportunities to meet with employers, as well as a tech-friendly, comfortable study space.

To employers, we provide a casual space to meet students and access to various outlets, such as our cafe, app, or social media channels, to reach out to students. 


Where's the coffee from? 

Our coffee is provided by Downeast Coffee Roasters, based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. They created an original blend just for us! 


Are there any job opportunities available?

We are always looking for new baristas, and sometimes offer internship positions on the managing side. Look out for announcements in the cafe screens and the app! If you have any questions, use the form below.


I'm looking to hire college students. How do I get involved?

Thank you for your interest in Shiru! Please get in touch with us through this link here


Do you have a different question? You can submit an inquiry using the form below. See our contact page for more information!

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