Shiru Cafe is bringing the hiring process offline.

While automation has made the hiring process faster, it's also made it far less personal. Today, it's harder to stand out in a saturated job market. It's rare to see connections between prospective hires and companies. Automated rejection emails and faceless recruiters have made young talent skeptical and frustrated. 

Shiru Café delivers an opportunity to showcase your company, standing out among the competition and resonating with your targeted and desired audience.


find out what's possible.


Check out our e-book on the Gen Z recruiting experience, based on their own words and feedback. Learn more about how to best connect with and engage young talent, craft a narrative that sticks, and stand out among the crowd.

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Partnership Perks




Organize coffee chats with 5 students to encourage compelling, captivating conversations. Use as a group interview, or precursor to the hiring process. Get to know students at a more personal level in a comfortable, casual atmosphere.





Reserve part of (or the entire) cafe to hold higher volume events like networking sessions, information sessions, product demos, or resume reviews. Have regular traffic feed students into your event, or promote your event independently.






The world is moving away from board rooms and into cafés. Make your recruits feel at ease by holding interviews in a secluded section of the cafes with a latte in hand.



Café Messaging

Reach hundreds of students daily through multimedia appearing on screens throughout the café. Share updates, job postings, product launches, or resources to support the student job hunt. 



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App Messaging

Post jobs in the directory, share information as students order drinks, and most importantly, have students register for your events.



Sponsorship to Shiru Café typically grants access to all café locations in one region. Find out what cafés are already open near you!



Our Partners

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 "Shiru's services help both students and companies to prevent mismatch before and after joining the company which cannot be done in joint-orientations or other big career-related events."
 "Using Shiru Cafe, we're able get in touch with students and utilize our time by holding meetups between large events. We suggest you visit the café frequently!" 
 "It's helpful to promote our company and communicate directly with students."
"Shiru Cafe has helped in finding suitable candidates. In addition to attracting interest from meet-up participants, we have been utilizing the cafe space to meet/interview with students in the area." 


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Hundreds of the best employers in the world partner with Shiru Cafe not just to support student life, but to find more candidates, secure top talent, promote their brand, encourage diverse hiring practices, and make the hiring process more equitable and enjoyable for everyone.  


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Wondering how Shiru Cafe can help you?