Find your next employee of the month.

We bring high quality talent to you in a relaxed environment. The recruiting industry is moving towards face-to-face, genuine interaction, and we make it as easy as possible to get to know candidates better.
We can help you promote the narrative that gets you more diverse, more relevant talent and helps you fill internships and entry-level roles you need to build the next generation of your business. 

How do we do it?

An experiential approach that integrates within, rather than disrupts, a student's employment journey. 


Meet-ups, Events, and Interviews

Don't worry about a lengthy reservation process or rental fees. Just engage with students within Shiru Café where they're relaxed, caffeinated, and the best version of themselves- whether you're meeting with a few or a few hundred students.




Experiential Marketing

Have your story appear within the app, on café screens, on our social pages, even our to-go cups. Meet students where they already are.



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Targeted Messaging

Focus on your target demographic to meet with potential full-time hires versus interns, engineers versus marketers. Allocate resources based on the best possible results.




Want to find out how much better your campus recruiting could be? Let's talk.